Service description


Cooperation and good relations in team are important for every company. Teams activities can bring positive energy and healthy competitiveness to the team.

They teach to work together in a casual atmosphere without work pressure, makes it easier to include new colleagues and restore enthusiasm for work after a long home-office.

You can choose from our teambuilding activies:

  • Company ,,Pool,, Tournament  – 2 h. (14€/ person., 9 – 40 people)

    Game: tables-teams compete with each other, whoever manages to pot all the balls within the time limit, time limit shortens after each round, the game is fun, casual and everyone can easily play.

  • VR Escape Room – 1 h. (150€ / game, 5 – 15 people)

    Game: team solves puzzles using cooperation in order to finish the mission

  • Virtual Reality – free entertainment (30€ / 1 hour for one headset, possibility to order two)

    Games: immersive underwater video with a whale, thrilling jump off a building, rollercoasters, skiing, rhythm games, shooters, etc. People take turns on the device since the rounds are quick enough. Games can be chosen depending on the event.

    Space Rental (120€ / hour)

    Closed for public or outside of time when we’re usually open.

We will prepare a customized price offer, contact us: